2 – L’évolution de la gouvernance des Jeux olympiques

L’évolution de la gouvernance des Jeux olympiques

Sport mega events now account for many of the world’s largest regular events. However, most of these events had quite humble beginnings and have had to embrace radical changes to their governance as they have grown. This conference focuses on the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. It shows that involvement from local, regional, and national governments has increased greatly over the years and that local residents and citizens are now demanding a larger say in the organization of Olympic Games so they can help steer the event’s physical and social impacts on their urban communities.

  • 12 janvier 2021
  • 10h – 11h30 (France) | 18h – 19h30 (Japon)
  • En ligne – En français
  • Intervenant : Professeur Jean-Loup Chappelet (Université de Lausanne)
  • Discutant : Alexandre Faure (FFJ, EHESS)

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