Are Mega-Events Only for Global Cities?

New article of Alexandre Faure (FFJ-EHESS) and John Lauermann (The City University of New York): “Are Mega-Events Only for Global Cities? Analyzing Host Cities through the Global and World Cities Framework, 1990–2020 ”, to read in the Journal of Olympic Studies. -> Read the article

Les attractivités des espaces japonais

Publication dirigée par Charles-Edouard Houllier-Guibert (Université de Rouen) et Alexandre Faure (FFJ-EHESS) – January 2023 Abstract La Revue Marketing Territorial (RMT) académique s’intéresse au marketing territorial, expression à envisager au sens large, au-delà du marketing des territoires. Il s’agit d’appréhender la dimension stratégique, opérationnelle ou analytique de divers objets, que...

How the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games were embedded in urban planning documents: The enforcement of a metropolitan strategy in the Bay Area

Alexandre Faure (FFJ-EHESS) – January 2023 Abstract This study examines the coherence between the Tokyo Olympic urban project, the national urban planning strategies, and the metropolitan and sub-metropolitan policies. The objective is to understand how the wards are integrated in the definition and design of the Olympic project by questioning...

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